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EMS stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulation. EMS uses low-frequency impulses that lead to controlled muscle contractions, thereby intensifying muscle movement and activation.

Usually, your brain sends electrical signals to contract your muscles. EMS replicates these brain signals and sends the low-frequency impulses directly to your major muscle groups. This way, extremely efficient muscle contractions can be achieved, reaching up to 90% of your muscle fibres. Contrary to classical strength training, which focuses on an exercise and muscle group at a time, all major muscle groups can be activated and strengthened simultaneously in the full-body EMS training.

EMS training makes your workout extremely efficient. You can activate twice as many muscle fibres as when lifting weights. You can target all major muscle groups simultaneously. 20 minutes of EMS training results in 10 minutes of intense muscle activation and is equivalent to hours in the gym. Further, due to the absence of additional weights, EMS training goes easy on your joints.

Yes – used correctly, EMS training is safe and effective. The low frequency impulses only reach skeletal muscles, and do not reach lower regions of your body. Please refer to your instruction manual and onboarding in the app for correct usage.

EMS should be used on healthy bodies and for fitness reasons only. You should not use EMS if the following contraindications apply to you:

  • Pacemaker, defibrillator, severe heart conditions
  • Acute bacterial or viral infect
  • Pregnancy

For further precautions, please read the instruction manual and consult with our team or a physician.

The feeling that we are looking for in EMS is an intense tingling that activates your muscles.


PEPPER is your home EMS training solution, anywhere and anytime. The PEPPER suit uses EMS technology to intensify every movement to help you reach your fitness goals a lot faster. With the Pepper app, you have complete control over the intensity of your suit. You can choose from a variety of strength and cardio workouts that have been developed by leading EMS experts to get the most out of your training. Alternatively, you can use the suit only mode to enhance your own workout routine with EMS.

You can buy the PEPPER suit on and download the PEPPER app in your Apple or Google Play Store to get started immediately.

Yes, you can book an individual online introduction session. Please contact [email protected].

No. The PEPPER suit is very sensitive, and the level of intensity can be controlled 100% up to the level that feels good for you. If you have sensitive skin, moisturize the electrodes before using the suit.

PEPPER is for everyone who wants to get and stay fit in an efficient and fun way. Pepper is for healthy users only and should not be used with the following contraindications:

  • Pacemaker, defibrillator, severe heart conditions
  • Acute bacterial or viral infect
  • Pregnancy

For further precautions, please read the instruction manual and consult with our team or a physician.

With PEPPER, you have the same benefits as with regular EMS training anywhere and anytime, without the necessity to go to an EMS studio.
Read more on the benefits of EMS training in the EMS section.

PEPPER offers three different suit modes: strength, cardio, and relax.

Strength: Due to the impulse intensity, we recommend starting with one strength training (max. 25 minutes per week) in the first month and double the amount afterwards.

Cardio and relax: As the impulse intensity is lower, this training can be performed more often. We recommend increasing the amount slowly and giving your body time to adjust to this new training form.

The PEPPER app offers a variety of strength, yoga and cardio workouts. PEPPER is a full-body EMS workout, and you always train your entire body. However, some workouts focus on specific muscle groups. You can also choose the suit only mode to do your own training or go for a run outside.

The PEPPER workouts vary between 8 and 22 minutes.

You will notice the first results after 4-6 weeks. Get the most out of your PEPPER experience by training regularly and challenging yourself.

You can train with PEPPER anywhere – at home, at the gym, outside, on your spinning bike or even on the tennis court.


To work correctly, the PEPPER suit should be comfortable and tight. Check out the size chart on our product pages for further information. The PEPPER suit uses stretch material and will soften with time. If some area of your suit feels too loose, use the provided belts to tighten these regions.

The electrodes of the suit should be in direct contact with your skin. Therefore, we recommend not wearing anything underneath.

The zipper of the suit is placed in the back and can be closed with the cord. The end of the line is magnetic and can be attached to the back of the suit. The electrodes should be placed over your muscle groups. The battery gets attached to the right side of your suit and fixated with the belt.

The PEPPER suit can be washed in the washing machine at 30° Celsius with regular detergent. Please remove the battery box before washing the suit, and do not tumble dry the suit.

As the PEPPER suit should fit perfectly, we recommend not wearing a size that does not fit you. However, you can only buy a second suit on and share a battery box.

If you buy the PEPPER system, the PEPPER suit, battery box and charging cable are included.

  1. Check if the light of the battery box is on. Otherwise, charge the battery box with the charger. Always detach the battery box from the suit before plugging it in.
  2. Check if the PEPPER app is connected to the suit. Switch on Bluetooth on your phone or tablet and go to the suit settings in your app.
  3. Check if the battery box is placed on the side of your suit correctly.
  4. Always warm up your body or moisten your electrodes before adjusting the suit, as the connectivity is best with a bit of moisture.
  6. If all of the above is not helping, please contact our Pepper team via [email protected]

If the electronic impulses feel uncomfortable, try to moisten the electrodes with water or extend your warm-up. The connectivity of the electrodes works best with moisture. Further, try to decrease and increase the intensity carefully and find the right intensity for you. Start with one body part at a time to get started.

If you feel that the impulse intensity changes during the workout, this can have different reasons. The flow of electricity between the electrodes and your skin increases when you sweat as conductivity increases. If this happens, you can just turn down the intensity to a more pleasant level. Alternatively, extend your warm-up session or moisten the body parts underneath the electrodes or electrodes before the training. The change in intensity will then be much smaller as you set up your initial intensity with a premoistened skin. On the other hand, your body will get used to the intensity over time. As you train with PEPPER for a longer time, you can simply increase your intensity to make the workouts more challenging and consistently stimulate your muscles to grow.

Wenn sich der Impuls auf einer Seite Deines Körpers anders anfühlt, pausiere den Impuls und versuche, die Elektroden oben auf Deiner Muskelgruppe zu platzieren. Wenn die Elektroden nicht direkt über Deinen Muskeln platziert werden, kann sich die Intensität unterschiedlich anfühlen.

The feeling for the impulse intensity might vary depending on your state of health or performance. Your skin may be drier on certain days, depending on your condition and the time of day. If this is the case, extend your warmup or premoisten your skin a bit before putting on the PEPPER suit.

You can return your suit and battery box after your 30 day trial.


To get access to all PEPPER app functionalities and workout videos, you have to pay a subscription fee for the application. If you only want to control the intensity of your suit, the app is for free. You can test the subscription for 30 days for free!

The PEPPER app is developed for iOS and Android. You can use the app on both your phone and tablet.

If your app does not work, you can restart it, update it or check the Bluetooth connection on your phone or tablet. If the problem remains, please contact our team via [email protected].

We release new content every month.

JYes, you can use the PEPPER app without buying a suit and explore the functionalities and your workouts. However, you must purchase a PEPPER suit to train with EMS.

To ensure the safe use of the app, we recommend you complete one all-levels strength workout per week in the first four weeks. Once you have completed your first onboarding month, we will unlock all the other all-levels and advanced workout videos.


Shipping usually takes 3-5 working days.

Yes, delivery to a Packstation is possible. However, only if this is supported by the shipping company DHL.

Here it is important to note: Please enter the Packstation in the “Address” field and the personal postal number in the “Additional address” field.


If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it to us within 30 days.

Unfortunately, even we cannot rule out errors and defects. If you notice a defect, please send us an email to [email protected]. Please describe the defect in the email and include your contact details. Wir werden uns zeitnah um das Anliegen kümmern.

You still have questions?

Please write an e-mail to [email protected].