Cleaning Guide

Here you can find out how best to care for your PEPPER suit and what to look out for when washing it. Always follow the guidelines in these instructions for use. If you have any queries or questions, please contact us directly.

Table of contents:

  1. PEPPER Suit washing
  2. PEPPER Suit drying
  3. Care instructions
  4. Battery cleaning

PEPPER Suit washing

Washing your PEPPER suit less frequently in the washing machine can increase its lifespan. We recommend machine washing the suit after 3-4 workouts.


  • NEVER put the battery in the washing machine, as this may cause your PEPPER suit to malfunction or cause injury during use.
  • Store your battery in the designated box

Important washing instructions!
  1. Make sure you remove your battery box before cleaning your PEPPER suit.
  2. Wash your suit by hand with water or use the washing machine for a more thorough clean.
  3. The PEPPER suit can be washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C.
  4. Choose a gentle wash cycle.
  5. Do not use fabric softener or bleach under any circumstances.
  6. We recommend turning the electrodes inside out (inside out) and closing the zipper.
  7. We recommend using a laundry bag to wash the PEPPER suit, as this can extend its life.

Pepper Suit drying

Important drying instructions!
  1. Do NOT dry your PEPPER suit in the dryer.
  2. Hang your PEPPER suit up to dry.
  3. DO NOT iron your PEPPER suit under any circumstances.
  4. DO NOT wring out your PEPPER suit under ANY circumstances. 

Care instructions

PEPPER EMS Anzug Waschhinweis Waschmaschine

The PEPPER suit can be machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Waschhinweis bleichen

The PEPPER suit must not be bleached.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Waschhinweis bügeln

The PEPPER suit must not be ironed.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Waschhinweis auswringen

The PEPPER suit must not be wrung out.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Waschhinweis chemisch reinigen

The PEPPER suit must not be dry-cleaned.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Waschhinweis Trockner

The PEPPER suit must not be tumble dried.

Battery cleaning

If there is dirt or moisture on the battery, you can carefully dab it off with a dry cloth. Do not use a damp or wet cloth to clean the battery. Do not use chemical cleaning agents. Do not insert any other objects (e.g. a screwdriver or pencil) into the charging port, except for the cables supplied and intended for this purpose.

You still have questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at [email protected]