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Suit Description

Using Electro Muscle Stimulation the Pepper EMS suit is the most efficient all-in-one workout equipment for beginners and experts alike. The suit has 20 dry-electrodes covering all major muscle groups to intensify every workout. 20 minutes with Pepper is enough to reach the results of a 1,5 hour gym workout. The suit comes without cables and a portable battery box to ensure a super easy use and maximum mobility!

The Pepper suit and battery box purchase information:

  • PEPPER suit with 20 integrated dry-electrodes covering legs, glutes, abs, chest, arms, lower back, upper back and shoulders
  • Portable, long-lasting battery box. One charging cycle lasts several months.
  • Waist, arm and leg belts to tighten the suit
  • High quality packaging for home storage and travelling
  • Instruction Manual

The Pepper suit can only be controlled with the Pepper App for iOS and Android for both phone and tablet. For more information read the Pepper App section.

Pepper App

The Pepper App is your personal EMS coach anywhere and anytime. Choose from a constantly evolving library of EMS-tailored workouts for strength, yoga, and cardio, developed with leading EMS experts. You can follow the trainers instructions for every exercise and train together while you feel exactly the same impulse rhythm. During the workout you can adjust the intensity of your individual electrodes up to the level that feels right for you. Pepper is your EMS trainer and suit control - all in one app! You can also intensify your own workout routines and use the app to only control your suit.

You always have 100% control over your suit. Chose between the different suit modes strength, cardio and relax, control the intensity of every electrode individually and save your favorite intensity settings as preset for future workouts. On top of that you can track your progress over time, both during the workouts and in your user profile. Challenge yourself and reach the next level, no matter where you´re at!

To get you started quickly, our trainers will explain in detail how your Pepper suit and app work. You will complete a tutorial workout showing you all the components necessary to get the best out of your EMS experience. If you need further assistance, schedule a live onboarding session with one of our experts who will explain to you how Pepper works in detail. The link to book a live onboarding session will be in your purchase email.

To get full access to the Pepper app and the entire EMS workout library, the Pepper app subscription costs 12,90€ per month. You can test the subscription for one month for free!

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Material and Care
  • The Pepper suit is available in dark blue
  • Stretch material: 68% nylon and 32% spandex
  • The fabric is machine washable at 30°C with normal detergent
Safety and Health Measures

PEPPER is only intended to be used to stimulate healthy muscles for fitness reasons. Users should be over 18. If any of the below mentioned contraindications are applicable to you, you should not train with PEPPER:

  • Pacemaker, defibrillator, severe heart conditions
  • Acute bacterial or viral infect
  • Pregnancy

We recommend you to follow precautions and consult your physician if the following health situations apply to you:

  • Severe muscle strain, trauma, fractures, atrophy
  • Severe joint problems
  • Cardiovascular, heart diseases
  • Severe neurological diseases (epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, sensitivity disorders)
  • Severe metabolic diseases (diabetes type I or II, thyroid, liver, kidney)
  • Severe blood supply or circulation disorders (ischemia, arteriosclerosis)
  • Abdominal or groin hernia
  • Electrical equipment (e.g. cardiac monitors, ECG devices)
  • Cancer, tumor disease
  • Severe orthopedic illnesses (arthrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism)
  • Severe respiratory diseases (asthma, COPD, allergies)
Delivery, Warranty and Return
  • Delivery to all EU countries and Switzerland
  • Delivery within 5-7 business days from Germany
  • The PEPPER battery has a warranty of two years, and the PEPPER suit has a warranty of one year, terms apply.
  • You can return your suit within a 30 day trial period starting from your day of purchase. All product components have to be in mint condition and returned in the original packaging. We reserve the right to retain part of the purchase price in the event of damage to parts or missing elements.
  • Please mail returns to: Pepper Interactive GmbH, St.-Pauls-Platz 4, 80336 Munich, Germany
  • EAR Registration: DE 39972980

How Does ELectronic Muscle Stimulation Work?

Usually, your brain sends electrical signals to contract your muscles. EMS replicates these brain signals and sends the low-frequency impulses directly to your major muscle groups. This way twice as many muscle fibers can be reached and every movement can be intensified. As all major muscle groups can be activated and strengthened simultaneously EMS leads to an efficient full-body training.