Pepper Suit

Train Anywhere. anytime.

Buy the PEPPER suit and train with EMS anywhere you want. Maximize your performance with the most comfortable and lightweight and affordable EMS suit!

High tech Material:

Our Pepper suit is made of the most lightweight and comfortable fabric. The suit is machine washable.


8 individually controllable dry-electrode pairs that cover all major muscle groups.

Battery Powered:

The suit works completely without wires and is powered with a dispatchable and long lasting battery.


Train with different suit modes

Depending on your training goal you can choose between three different suit modes, varying in different impulse intensity and rhythm: strength, cardio and relax. Maximize the impact of any training with the PEPPER EMS suit!


How Does Electronic Muscle Stimulation Work?

Usually, your brain sends electrical signals to contract your muscles. EMS replicates these brain signals and sends the low-frequency impulses directly to your major muscle groups. This way twice as many muscle fibers can be reached and every movement can be intensified. As all major muscle groups can be activated and strengthened simultaneously EMS leads to efficient full-body training. PEPPER offers an EMS suit and app solution to train anywhere and anytime you want with EMS-tailored workouts.