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Latest update: 02.05.2023

1. General information

This instruction manual is part of the scope of delivery of the PEPPER system, consisting of the PEPPER suit and the PEPPER battery box. The user of the PEPPER system has to read and understand the information in the instruction manual and the accompanying documents. The instruction manual should be kept at an easily accessible and known location at all times and read in the event of doubt.

In the event of improper use, non-compliance, or insufficient compliance with the safety instructions in this instruction manual, changes to the PEPPER system, or the use of unsuitable spare parts (not original parts), the manufacturer accepts no liability for damage to persons, animals, property or the product itself.

The instruction manual for the PEPPER system indicates situations and risks using various symbols and safety instructions:

Warning symbol Explanation
NOTE Helpful information, no danger
CAUTION Low risk of injury
WARNING Medium risk of injury
DANGER High risk of injury or death

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the PEPPER team via

You can also make an appointment with one of our EMS experts using the link in your purchase confirmation email.

2. Indications of use


The instruction manual must be read and understood to ensure the safe handling of the PEPPER system. A prerequisite for safe training is compliance with the safety instructions and regulations in the instruction manual.

The PEPPER training system uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) for highly intensive and efficient training. We developed PEPPER to stimulate healthy muscles and thus to train muscle strength or endurance. Only use PEPPER for sports purposes and not in combination with therapy or treatment of medical diseases. The PEPPER training is unsuitable for injured muscles and should only be used following safety and health guidelines. Do not use the PEPPER training system or stop your training immediately if it is damaged or irregularities occur during exercise. Users should be over 18 years, and keep the PEPPER Training System out of the reach of children.

The PEPPER training system is intended for use in Home Healthcare Environments.


Do not use the PEPPER training system while using machines, driving, or during activities in which you expose yourself to an increased risk of injury due to involuntary muscle contractions.

3. Warnings and Safety Guidelines


Use PEPPER only when feeling healthy and fit.


We recommend reading through the safety and health guidelines carefully and consulting with the PEPPER team or your physician in case of any remaining questions or doubts. If any of the below-mentioned contraindications apply to you, you should not use the product: • Pacemaker, defibrillator, severe heart conditions • Acute bacterial or viral infect • Pregnancy We recommend you to follow precautions and consult with your physician if the following health situations apply to you:

  • Severe muscle strain, trauma, fractures, atrophy
  • Severe joint problems
  • Cardiovascular, heart diseases
  • Severe neurological diseases (epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, sensitivity disorders)
  • Severe metabolic diseases (diabetes type I or II, thyroid, liver, kidney) 
  • Severe blood supply or circulation disorders (ischemia, arteriosclerosis) 
  • Abdominal or groin hernia
  • Electrical equipment (e.g., cardiac monitors, ECG devices)
  • Cancer, tumor disease
  • Severe orthopedic illnesses (arthrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism)
  • Severe respiratory diseases (asthma, COPD, allergies)

We recommend you to pause the training or consult with a physician, if:

  • your health condition changed and one of the contraindications or precautions apply to you
  • if skin redness or irritation remains for a longer period
  • if you experience headaches or other pain during or after the training.

In addition, don’t apply electronic muscle stimulation over the neck, mouth, or head or inflamed or infected areas of the body. Even if it is still unknown that the PEPPER training risk was the trigger for cardiac arrhythmias, there is a theoretical residual risk, and we must warn you of the risk of cardiac arrhythmias

4. Training recommendations

To get the best out of your PEPPER training experience, we recommend you to follow these health and training guidelines:

  • Training with PEPPER is intense, so make sure you stay hydrated. We recommend drinking enough fluids before and after the training (min 0,5 l). 
  • Start with one strength training per week for the first four weeks. Your body will need time to adjust to the new training routine.
  • The maximum duration of a strength training should not be more than 25 minutes. EMS training is intense for your body, and exceeding this limit may be harmful to your body.
  • Slowly increase to a maximum of two strength training sessions per week with three days of pause between sessions. Your body will need the time to recover between two sessions.
  • You can execute cardio and relax units more often than strength sessions, as these suit modes use a different kind of impulse. We recommend you start slowly with these sessions and increase the duration and frequency over time to give your body time to adjust to your new routine. We recommend a maximum of 5 training sessions per week, with a maximum duration of 25 minutes each.
  • Do not overexert yourself during your PEPPER training, listen to your body, and do not train when you don’t feel well.
  • You can achieve the best results with EMS combined with other training routines. Feel free to add your workout routines between PEPPER sessions to achieve the best results.

Intensive training sessions that the body is not used to can damage the muscle tissue and lead to a loss of strength, muscle soreness, and an increase in the muscle protein level. Since the PEPPER training system is highly intensive, there may be an increased risk of muscle damage, especially after the first intensive training units.

5. Product and directions of use

The PEPPER training consists of three components – the suit, the battery box, and the app. These components are necessary for your PEPPER training and are explained in the following. Go to our website to buy your PEPPER suit and battery box, and download the PEPPER app from the App Store or Google Play store.

6. PEPPER Suit

The PEPPER suit consists of 20 dry electrodes covering your 8 major groups:

  • Left/right quadriceps & left/right hamstrings
  • Left/right glutes
  • Left/right lower back
  • Left/right upper back
  • Left/right shoulder
  • Left/right biceps & left/right triceps
  • Left/right chest
  • Left/right abdominals

The electrodes deliver impulses that cause muscle contractions that intensify every movement during your workout. You can adjust each of these groups individually with the PEPPER app. The electrodes are powered by your battery box and connected through wires underneath the seams of your suit.

6.1 Putting on your Suit

We recommend wearing the PEPPER suit directly on the skin.

This will lead to the best conductivity between the electrodes and your muscles. Suppose you choose to wear underwear underneath the PEPPER suit. In that case, the covered areas may receive less impulse intensity, and the intensity may increase as you sweat.

The PEPPER suit gets closed in the back. The end of the zipper line is magnetic and can be attached to the magnet on the suit. The PEPPER suit works best if the suit feels tight and every electrode is firmly placed on the muscles. If some area of your suit feels a bit loose, you can also use the belts to tighten around your waist, arms, or legs.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Reißverschluss
PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Reißverschluss zumachen
PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Magnetverschluss

The transmission of the electrical impulses works best if there is moisture between the electrodes and your skin. We recommend a warmup before every session with the PEPPER suit. Our workouts include a 2-minute warmup at the beginning, followed by a break to adjust your suit to your desired intensity. If you have a hard time sweating, feel free to add your warmup in the beginning or use a wet towel to moisten the electrodes slightly before putting on your suit.

6.2 Suit Modes

When using Electronic Muscle Stimulation, you have the chance to decide between three different suit modes: strength, cardio, and relax. These modes vary in impulse intensity and rhythm.


The strength mode is the most common one and is used in EMS studios. It is a high intensity impulse and varies between 4 seconds of stimulation and 4 seconds of pause.


Every time the impulse is on, make sure to activate your muscles to avoid injuries.

The strength program is used to increase muscle strength. The feeling that we are looking for is a strong tingling that makes you activate your muscles. Regular movements should feel more challenging, as the electronic impulse adds additional resistance to every move. Always start increasing the intensity slowly and only up to the level that feels good for you.


The perception of intensity depends on the daily form and can vary.

As the strength program is the most intense, you should slowly increase the workout frequency and intensity. In the strength mode, you should not train longer than 25 minutes twice a week, with a minimum of 3 days of rest in between sessions.

For safety and health reasons, the app only allows you to complete 25 minutes of “all levels” strength workouts per week with limited intensity first.


Do not increase the impulse intensity to a painful area, and always make sure that you can still perform the exercise correctly.

Frequency: 85Hz

Pulse Width: 360us


The cardio program helps you get the most out of your cardio training. It increases the intensity of every session and helps to improve endurance and calorie burn. The impulse is pulsating, with a one-second stimulation and a one-second pause length. As cardio uses a different type of impulse and intensity, you can use this training mode more often than the strength training mode. However, we recommend you increase the frequency of cardio workouts slowly.

Frequency: 7Hz

Pulse Width: 360us


The relax mode helps you to relax by promoting blood circulation and reducing stress. It also allows your body to remove water in your tissue and increases the release of endorphins. As this mode is used to relax and massage your body, we recommend you to use it for meditating and stretching. The relax mode also uses a different impulse and intensity and can be used more often. Again, let your body slowly get used to the stimulation and find out what feels right for you.

Frequency: 100Hz

Pulse Width: 160us

Training recommendations:

Training recommendations:

Suit mode Frequency Pulse width Rhythm Max Trainings/ Week
Strengh 85Hz 360us 4s – 4s 50min (e.g. 2 x 25min)
Cardio 7Hz 360us 1s – 1s 125min (e.g. 5 x 25min)
Relax 100Hz 160us 4s – 4s 125min (e.g. 5 x 25min)

6.3 Suit Preset

If you like the current intensity levels of your electrodes, you can press the “save preset” button. This action will make this level of intensity accessible during another workout.

Whenever you press the “use preset” button during a workout, the electrodes will adjust to the saved level within the next 60 seconds. Press any of the + or – buttons during this period. The adjustment will stop, the intensity will remain at the current
level, and you can manually adjust the intensity again.

Feel free to set your preset during the workouts or in the suit settings.

The bar on the bottom shows the impulse rhythm and is only applicable for strength workouts. The white color displays the 4 second pause time of the suit and the blue color the 4 second impulse time.

7. PEPPER Battery Box

The battery box bridges the PEPPER suit and the PEPPER app. It provides the electrodes with electricity to stimulate your muscles. To control your PEPPER suit, you must connect the battery box to the PEPPER app via Bluetooth. You can connect your battery box during the onboarding process or in the suit section of your app. Make sure Bluetooth is on, and the PEPPER app has permission to access Bluetooth on your device. Always disconnect the charger before placing the battery box on your suit.


Always disconnect the charger from the battery box before you place the battery box on your suit.

Please charge your battery box before the first use of your suit. The battery box can only be charged with a standard 9V 2A USB type C cable and standard charger. Only charge the battery once it is disconnected from the suit. The app has a safety feature, so that you cannot train while the battery box is being charged.

When you´re battery box is charging, the “P” on the front will light up in green. Please make sure your battery is charged adequately before starting a training session. You can see the battery level in your app. If your battery is low on power, your suit may turn off during a workout session.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Akkubox

When you switch on the battery box, the “P” on the battery will light up in white. If the battery box is connected to the app, the “P” will turn blue. During training, the battery box gets attached to the right side of the suit. Use the strap on your suit to ensure that your battery is tightly connected.

The battery box can be disconnected from your suit at any time during your training to stop the impulses.

The battery box should not come in contact with any liquids. Before cleaning or washing your suit, make sure you disconnect the battery. Use a soft dry cloth to clean your battery box.

Please find the technical specifications of the battery box in the Appendix.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Akkubox anbringen


The PEPPER app serves as an alternative external control system for stimulation control of the PEPPER training system. Without a connection between the PEPPER app and the PEPPER training system, it is impossible to start the electrical muscle stimulation.


Before starting with the PEPPER training, you must install and sign into the PEPPER app. The app can be downloaded from the App or Google Play store and is available for smartphones and tablets alike.

Click these links for the iOS or Android or scan the QR code below.

QR - Code PEPPER App Download Anleitung

After successfully installing the app, follow the instructions for signing up and logging in.


Before starting the PEPPER training, we ask you to complete our one-time onboarding process. Please watch the introduction video and make sure you understand the health and safety guidelines and this instruction manual.

Next, you will connect the battery box to the PEPPER app, and we will guide you through your first PEPPER workout. Our PEPPER team will explain everything to you in detail and will be there to guide you every step of the way. Feel free to skip the onboarding and come back later before your first PEPPER workout.

8.1 App overview

The PEPPER app has three main sections, which you can see on the bottom of your screen:

  • Classes
  • Suit
  • Activity
PEPPER App Menu Bar

8.2 Classes Section

In the first section, you can find the classes overview. Here you will find instruction videos and a variety of workout videos. The workout videos vary between different suit programs, levels, workout styles, and duration. All workout routines are designed by leading EMS experts.

The PEPPER workouts are grouped according to the suit mode (see suit section) and experience level. Exercises labeled with “all levels” are for both beginners and experienced users alike. With PEPPER, the difficulty of a workout is determined by the intensity level you set for your suit and the exercises alike. If the exercises labeled as “all levels” seem too easy, increase the level of your electrodes during your workout.

The PEPPER app will initially only have a set of “all levels” workouts unlocked for safety reasons. You need to complete four of these workouts to unlock the advanced workouts.

PEPPER App Anleitung Training Videos

Apart from the PEPPER workouts, the classes section has the following functionalities:

  • Downloads
  • Settings
PEPPER App Menü Bar Download und Einstellungen


Make sure you have a good internet connection to speed up the download of your PEPPER workout. If you want to save a workout video or watch it offline, press the download button to load and save it. If you have a bad internet connection, we recommend preloading or saving a workout before training with PEPPER.

To free up space on your device, delete the workout by pressing the delete button.


You can change your audio settings in the settings menu and decide if you want to hear the timer during the workout every time an exercise changes. You can also edit your profile and read through the terms and conditions. If you have any questions regarding the PEPPER system, check out the FAQ area in the settings menu or contact us via [email protected].

8.3 Suit

You can find everything related to your PEPPER suit in the suit area. Here you can start suit-only workouts or configure your PEPPER suit.

The suit-only mode can be used with your own training routine. The PEPPER app will then be used to control your suit while you choose your own workout. You can choose between the three suit modes: strength, cardio and relax according to your training preference.

In the configuration section, you can connect or disconnect your suit. Further, you can set or update your preset values. You can save your preferred intensity setting as a preset and then load this level of intensity during your workouts. You can define an individual preset level for every suit mode. If your press the “use preset” button during training, the suit will take some time to set all electrodes to the desired level. The loading of the preset can be interrupted at any time by pressing any of the +/- buttons on the screen. The intensity will then stay at the current level.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung App Trainings Modi
PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung App Anzug Einstellungen

8.4 Activity

In the activity section, you can find all information about your training history. The activity section shows a variety of statistics.

To review your activity in more detail, you can select a month and choose between a list or chart view. The list view shows you all the workouts you have completed in a specific month or period. The chart view shows you the training time, peppers, and maximum intensity over time. Furthermore, you can find more information on your workout history, heat zones, total training time, and burned calories.

The PEPPER app offers some additional functionalities on the top of your app screen: downloads and settings.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung App Workout Überblick

9. Videos

During the PEPPER workouts, you will see the following workout screen:

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung App Trainingsvideo

The trainer is located in the middle of the screen, explaining and showing you every exercise. You can simply copy what they are doing, as you are training with the same impulse and pause rhythm.

In the top left corner, you can see the current exercise. Each workout starts with 2 minutes of warmup and one minute of suit set up before the main workout begins. Each exercise lasts one minute, and you will hear a beep once the exercise changes (you can change this in the audio settings in the setting option).

In the bottom left corner, you can pause the workout video and your suit at any time. The speaker symbol allows you to change the volume of the trainer’s voice and music. If you don’t want to hear the workout music and trainer during your workout, you can turn the volume to zero. The timer next to the pause button shows you the remaining time of your workout.

In the top right corner, you can see your heat zones. The maximum level of intensity that you reached in your workout history is the red zone; for the beginning, it will start with the value of 30 for everyone. As you start increasing your intensity slowly, you will begin in the blue or green zone and move to the yellow and red zones during the workout. The goal is to train in your red zone as much as possible. However, we recommend always listening to your body. If the intensity feels too high, do not further increase your level. The intensity should always allow you to perform the exercises correctly.

Below the heat zones are the Pepper points. You reach Pepper points based on your training intensity, the workout level, and the training minutes. Try and collect as many Pepper points as possible – surprises are waiting for you.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung App Trainingsvideo Anzug Einstellungen

Now the most important part – the suit control. The plus and minus on the right side control the overall intensity of the suit. The overall intensity increases in steps of 5 until it reaches 30, and then in steps of 1. When you click on suit control, the detailed view will open so that you can adjust the electrodes individually but still see the trainer in the background while you train. The intensity of the individual electrodes will always increase and decrease in steps of 1.

If you click on the electrode, between the plus and minus, you can switch an electrode on and off. The individual electrodes are placed over your body parts, divided into front and back.

The left (front) electrodes from top to bottom are:

  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Abs
  • Legs

The right (back) electrodes from top to bottom are:

  • Shoulders
  • Upper back
  • Lower back
  • Butt

If you do not feel the muscle stimulation at 30%, restart the PEPPER battery box and app and moisten the electrodes with a wet washcloth or warm-up for a longer time. If you continue with muscle stimulation, make sure that all intensity levels are set to 0.

10. Cleaning and Storage

Please follow the following recommendations to ensure the longevity of your PEPPER suit and battery:

  • Make sure you detach your battery box before you clean your PEPPER suit.
  • Clean your PEPPER battery box with a dry cloth only.
  • Hand-wash your suit with water or use the washing machine for a thorough clean.
  • The PEPPER suit is machine washable at 30 Degrees Celsius with regular detergent (without bleach or softener). Machine washing your suit less frequently can increase the longevity of your PEPPER suit. We recommend machine-washing the suit after 3-4 training units.
  • We recommend turning the electrodes to the inside, closing the zipper, and using a washing bag to protect your suit.
  • Hang your suit to dry. Do not tumble dry your PEPPER suit.
  • Do not store your suit for an extended period when wet. Store your suit in a dry area.

There is a risk of injury if cables or connections are damaged or if the battery is damaged or open. The PEPPER system may no longer be used.


The PEPPER suit can rub off.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Waschhinweis Waschmaschine

The PEPPER suit can be machine washed with extra care at 30 Degrees Celsius.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Waschhinweis bleichen

The PEPPER suit may not be bleached.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Waschhinweis Trockner

The PEPPER suit may not be tumble dried.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Waschhinweis bügeln

The PEPPER suit may not be ironed.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Waschhinweis auswringen

The PEPPER suit must not be wrung out.

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Waschhinweis chemische Reinigung

The PEPPER suit may not be dry cleaned.

11. Disposal

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung Entsorgung

The PEPPER suit and battery box must not be disposed of with household waste not to endanger the environment. Environmentally-friendly disposal must be carried out in accordance with the local regulations for the disposal of electronics. Free collection points are available for electrical waste equipment or electronic scrap.

12. Warranty

The PEPPER battery has a warranty of two years, and the PEPPER suit has a warranty of one year, starting from the original purchase date for the original purchaser’s benefit. The suit and battery are warranted to be free from manufacturer defects, excluding any damage or defects resulting from 1) normal wear and tear associated with the intended use, 2) commercial use, and 3) failure to follow instructions in the instruction manual, accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, alterations, modification, improper assembly, installation, or use of any non-original parts. The PEPPER battery warranty does not include damage from using an improper charger, improper maintenance, or water damage. Warranty claims must be submitted to [email protected]. Please note that prior to replacement of any element, our PEPPER team may require seeing photos or videos of the damaged part.

13. Comformity

PEPPER EMS Anzug Anleitung CE Siegel

The manufacturer declares that the PEPPER training system complies with Directive 2014/53/EU.

14. Company information

Pepper Interactive GmbH
St-Pauls-Platz 4
80336 München

Amtsgericht München, Registernummer: HRB 267397

Umsatzsteuer-ID: DE347004561

[email protected]

15. Technical Specifications

15.1 Battery Specifications
Parameter Value
Battery Weight 150g
Battery Size 96x65x29mm
Period of Use 2 years 2 years
Battery Capacity 2650mAh
Charging Rating DC5V – Must be a standard 5V charger
Battery Voltage 3.8V
Output Voltage 0-50 DC square wave
Output Frequency 1-120Hz
Output Pulse Width 1-500us
Operating Temperature and Humidity 5°C to 40°C, 15% – 90% RH
Transport and Storage Temperature and Humidity -25°C to 70°C , up – 90% RH
Operating Pressure 700 – 1060hPa
Transportation and Storage Pressure 500hPa – 1060hPa
15.2 Suit Specifications
Parameter Value
Suit Weight 600-800g
Period of Use 1 year
Material 68% Nylon, 32% Spandex